In addition to more traditional cuts, our slaughter plant can offer Beef Fifth Quarter and Offal Products. The packing of Offal and Fifth Quarter is an area in which we have considerable expertise and we can now provide a diverse range of Offal and Fifth Quarter Products suitable for consumers in the UK, EU and further afield.

Our main Offal Products include:

Fifth Quarter is a term used by trade to refer to ‘edible by-product’. This product has been derived from internal and external material that have to be further processed i.e. washing before being used wholly. These products are also suitable for human consumption.

Our Fifth Quarter Products include:

Typically, we ensure that these products are block packed or layer packed, but we are happy to accommodate any bespoke customer requirements.

The company plant number for WD Meats (UK 9056) is well known and recognised as a hallmark of quality in many foreign market places.